Dave’s not here, man

CAN I LIVE – m4w – 32

Ready to get it n !! Dont want nothing but new pussy tonight so if u want a night to remember with out gettin hooked on the D THEN HIT ME AND LESS PLAY!!! This is my first post but i do play just not updated on this but i got some pipe to lay so cum get buried!!

The Green Eyed Bandit!!


All other tips aside, it probably helps if your post is legible. I understand that some people like to combine drugs and sex (as evidence by the number of oh-so-subtle “420” ads), but perhaps you should refrain from partaking until after you make your post.


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  1. 1

    Tanthius said,

    Yeah… the 420 ads make me laugh all the time. These people think that they’re being clever, that the authorities aren’t hip to the lingo. Christ. If I were a narc cop, CL would be the best place to start busting people.

  2. 2

    virus73 said,

    Was this posted on the Detroit Craigslist? I couldn’t help but notice the “In the D” comment.

    • 3

      willnotgetyoulaid said,

      It may have been. I’ve started looking at random cities so that I’m not just focusing on the city I live in.

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